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I blame

Publicerad 2012-11-30 10:43:11 i

Mia! Was talking to her on the phone when I realised I fancied some icecream. So still talking I went to ica! Well was just going to buy a small package of icecream but came home with 3! And why? Well talking on the phone distracted me so I couldn't make a choice hahaha so I bought all three I fancied hahaha but the fault is Mia 's not mine hahaha 😜

Doc's appointment

Publicerad 2012-11-30 10:13:00 i dagligt,

Got an appointment at the doctor today at three o'clock! It´s quite funny 'cause I usually go to my Gernman doc Robert. He is really nice, reminds a little bit of Santa Claus, always happy giving useless advices that my physiotherapist with the same fastness always turns down, but anyway he is nice hahahhaha Anyway the nurse informed me that  Mr. Rober Schäfer is on holiday so I'll se someone else. Guess he is stucked at some German Xmas market eating some sausages and drinking warm wine or beer hahahha
It's funny though 'cause my new doc is also from some foreign country, well no wonder we are in multicultural Sweden, which is good, but there is a problem. I wonder will my doctor be male or female? I'll meet someone with a name like Admir or Amir or something...It feels a little bit strange not to be able to picture who I'll meet, a man or a woman. Well for today's appointment it doesn't matter but I recall one time when it really did...
I had to go to the gynaecologist, which is not sooooo amusing, but anyway the nurse asked to u want to c Stefan or Danielle. Oh I thought a woman and immediately and quickly replied Danielle.... Well "Danielle" turned out to be a male doctor from don't know where and as a topping of the cake he also had a male student with him during my examination..... Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So all these new names, always makes me confused...
Guess I should stick to my dad's advice; if u can stand up in the morning u are't sick! hihihi that's a German!

The first snow!!

Publicerad 2012-11-29 23:16:55 i

Looking out the window I realised it was snowing... I had the year 4 in social science so I took the oportunity of making a pic! Brrrr a chilly day! Happy I bought my wellis yesterday...they kept me warm!


Min profilbild

Jag är en stolt mamma till tre underbara barn, Dani, Natha och Nicke, och bor nu i Norrköping. Min partner Richard är från Skottland och jobbar utomlands. Jag älskar att resa, träna, laga mat och umgås. Och Äta choklad o blanda drinkar....Fast det allra bästa jag vet är dock att mysa med mina älsklingar! Efter flera år utomlands har jag landat i Norrköping och arbetar på Ektorpsskolan, stans bästa skola förstås :),där jag undervisar i Spanska och Engelska. Det blev lärare av mig till slut, vilket jag inte hade tänkt när jag började plugga till Socionom :) Älskar dock mitt yrkesval, jag har världens bästa jobb brukar jag säga :) Namnvalet på min blogg är från den tiden då jag var nyskild och singel vilket jag inte är nu...men namnet får vara kvar ändå :)

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