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Tooth OUT!!

Publicerad 2014-05-30 21:37:26 i dagligt,

Well today my dentist pulled my tooth out! Wasn't as scary as I thought and i couldn't feel anything. Actually it is much more scary when he is drilling or something :) 

Anyway that's why I'm having sweet potatoe and curry soap on a Friday night hihihi 

Anyway it's a special one with a lot of garlic, curry and even a banana hihi but it tastes lovely!!!

Oh and made some scones as well ❤️

2 years

Publicerad 2014-05-30 07:39:26 i dagligt,

Of waiting for storting to train as normal, has just passed! Yesterday I trained for the first time Zumba 50 min and it just felt great! I was so happy :) actually I started off the day with training both easy line and watery training and in the evening I went back for my dance training. Really nice :) 

Well of course I can't just skip core and Pilates I really have to continue with that for continue strengthen my back but I can nip ow add some more training! 

During day I had a hamburger BBQ with Monika and Ivan and of course Vicky and Christina. It was such a lovely day so we just enjoyed! Since the forecast is rain during weekend :(( but u never know! Sometimes they predict......

Anyway since our last BBQ at Lindö with the kids we wanted to do a real hamburger!! So I bought mince and grilled them by myself. And well nothing to say..... U can't compare these to McDonalds... We added cheese Brie and bacon as well! Think it was lucky I trained three tomes yesterday hihihi 

Mother's day

Publicerad 2014-05-25 23:12:15 i dagligt,

My three babies!!! 

Celebrated mum's day with natha :) 

And alikay of course! After dinner we tucked up in bed as usual watching a movie putting all goodies on the bed! I think Natha likes watching me to cry since she always choose a movie making me cry! 

Earlier Monika had invited me for a BBQ at her niece. Really nice! Ivan made the fire :) and we just enjoyed hihihi well we set the table! 


Min profilbild

Jag är en stolt mamma till tre underbara barn, Dani, Natha och Nicke, och bor nu i Norrköping. Min partner Richard är från Skottland och jobbar utomlands. Jag älskar att resa, träna, laga mat och umgås. Och Äta choklad o blanda drinkar....Fast det allra bästa jag vet är dock att mysa med mina älsklingar! Efter flera år utomlands har jag landat i Norrköping och arbetar på Ektorpsskolan, stans bästa skola förstås :),där jag undervisar i Spanska och Engelska. Det blev lärare av mig till slut, vilket jag inte hade tänkt när jag började plugga till Socionom :) Älskar dock mitt yrkesval, jag har världens bästa jobb brukar jag säga :) Namnvalet på min blogg är från den tiden då jag var nyskild och singel vilket jag inte är nu...men namnet får vara kvar ändå :)

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